Huge response from community, update from Developer, and your chance to protect Londoners’ right to sunlight

Hi all,

Another really busy few weeks at the Stop St George’s Team – so wanted to update you on three things that are important for our community:

1) HUGE community response

Many thanks for incredible support in June to the Developers 2nd request for feedback. We had an 800% increase in responses from March – making a really clear and strong case for the developer to listen to the local community and update their plans.

2) Planning application is imminent

We met with the developer for the 2nd time last week to restate our key concerns regarding the height and size of the development. Although there are serious planning concerns about the impact on local homes, the conservation area, and nearby roads, they have not reduced the size of the development. We also chased additional information they have not yet provided, which was first requested in March. We are continuing to chase this and make sure key concerns are addressed within their planning application.

They confirmed they will submit their planning application to Southwark Council within the next couple of weeks so expect more information in the coming weeks to prepare for the formal public consultation on their final plans. We will need your help and support at this critical stage!

3) Daylight for everyone’s homes, gardens, green spaces, and parks!

Two weeks ago there was a last-minute challenge to a draft of the new London Plan which covers the quality of homes for Londoners. This document was proposing a drastic and controversial reduction in daylight to existing properties. The motion to improve the current draft guidance was passed!

However, there is still a real risk that the efforts made to improving the guidelines could be side-lined. Because of this risk we need everyone to write to our London Assembly Member Marina Ahmad to make sure that the motion that was passed leads to a real change in the draft guidance.

▪ There is further information on this topic on our website and that includes a sample letter which you can use to copy and tailor to your own circumstances available HERE 
▪ A short video clip which helpfully explained the issue and the debate at the London Assembly meeting is available  HERE
▪ An article in the Observer which demonstrated the impact on one family’s life is available  HERE

Many thanks for all your support,

Stop St George’s Tower Team


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