Make your voice count – respond to consultation by Fri 24th Sept

The Developer has now submitted the planning application for a 15 storey hotel at 21 St George’s Road. 

They made no changes following 100s of responses raising significant concerns with the hotel.


Online: Go to and search for application 21/AP/2838, click the comments button

It is vital to object using valid planning reasons or you will not be heard. Key reasons why the proposals are not considered suitable:

  1. Outside the “E&C Central Character Area” and is in the “West Square Character Area”, so should not be taller than 6 storeys as set out in the “Elephant and Castle SPD”.
  2. Height and bulk blocking daylight and sunlight to existing homes in Hayles Buildings, Elliot Row, Oswin Street, Princess Street flats and Perronet House
  3. Loss of privacy – Density and proximity of offices and hotel rooms which will look into the bedrooms, and flats.
  4. Children at risk – hotel rooms overlooking a popular playground for young families
  5. Additional strain from traffic and danger on local roads – Local streets (Oswin, Elliots Row, Brook Drive, Hayles Street, and West Square) will see all traffic. No mitigations for the CS7 junction are proposed on Brook Street.
  6. Damage the Elliott’s Row and West Square conservation areas, negatively impacting the unique heritage assets, design and character of these areas

Get in touch if you have any questions or thoughts,


The Stop St George’s Tower Team

5 thoughts on “Make your voice count – respond to consultation by Fri 24th Sept

  1. STOP HIGH RISE HOTEL on St. Georges Road. It will create too much of pollution with cars, delivery vans stopping by. Also it is close to the Bus stop and it will be a hindrance with bus tailing near the roundabout to reach the bus stop.. It will look ugly with the tower on our road when the other buildings are smaller.


  2. I am leave 40 m from this Elliots row road, and I am not happy with this hotel near us and our community, due to all reasons mentioned above.


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