Huge response from community – Southwark planning still to respond

Thank you for all your help – Following the huge response from local residents, over 160 local residents have objected to the proposed 15 storey hotel overlooking the pocket part on St George’s Road. 

We even got a mention in the Southwark News here

Alongside this we also submitted a formal planning response here and here raising a number of key planning concerns.

Southwark planning have now confirmed the application is under consideration, but that there remain a number of issues that require resolution by the developer.

So what next?

  1. Southwark Planning will submit the application to the planning committee once the developer has addressed their concerns
  2. We will have 14 days notice before the planning committee
  3. We will be able to make a 3 minute presentation to the committee members 
  4. The planning committee will vote on the application

Although it is possible that the application will go to the December planning committee, Southwark Planning have advised it may not be heard till the new year.

What are we doing while we wait?

  • We’ll continue to lobby your local councillors to oppose the development
  • If we hear from the developers, we’ll update you on any further information for changes they propose
  • We are preparing for planning committee presentation

When we have a date for the planning committee, we’ll let you know.


Stop St George’s Team

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