15 Storey Hotel – Winter update

Dear all,

Hope you are all healthy and well in the run up to the festive break.

After a busy few months, we wanted to update you on the planning application for the 15 storey tower hotel on St George’s Road:

  • The application is still waiting for review by Southwark’s main planning committee. This could be the 18th January at the earliest, although we have been told there is a significant backlog of applications
  • The Developer has confirmed a significant portion of the pocket park will be closed during the construction of the tower, reducing the space available for families in the park
  • The Developer and Southwark Planning have continued to ignore over 160 consultation responses raising concerns about the development – there have been no changes to address the concerns raised

What next?

  • We are contacting Southwark’s planning committee to discuss our concerns, and are planning to attend their surgeries ahead of the decision
  • We are meeting with the Developer in the new year
  • Continuing to work with our local councillors to raise our concerns directly with Southwark’s Planning Officers

Best wishes,

Stop St George’s Team

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