Last chance – Final 48 hours to share feedback on 15 storey hotel before planning decision

Following the huge community response to the inappropriate plans on St George’s/ Oswin Street, the Developers resubmitted plans last month. 

Southwark Council look set to take a decision on the 15 storey hotel imminently – this is your final chance to share your views on the latest plans. 

Unsurprisingly, they have not addressed the main concerns raised by over 160 local residents. They also:

  • Admitted they mislead planning officers in their application about the location of the development (to the developer’s benefit)
  • Confirmed that the 15 storey hotel will worsen wind in the pocket children’s park – with 20% of the areas tested unsuitable for sitting in winter
  • Continued to engage in English after agreeing to use other common languages, excluding the residents most negatively impacted


It is vital to object using valid planning reasons or you will not be heard (see below)

How to object:

  • Go to Southwark’s Planning Website and search for application 21/AP/2838
  • Click the comments button
  • Add your details
  • Click “object”
  • Tick reasons: conflict with local plan, development too high, increase in traffic, loss of light, loss of privacy, out of keeping with the character of the area
  • Add your views in the text box below (suggestion below

Suggested text:

I am disappointed to see that the Developer has not addressed the valid planning concerns raised during their initial consultation within their recent plans.

This planning application should be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Inappropriate height and massing of the development – Height and massing is in contradiction of Southwark Planning Guidance for the West Square Character Area (where the site is located) as defined in the E&C SPD 
  2. Significant loss of sunlight/ daylight – 170 family homes impacted, with 30 homes losing daylight beyond Southwark’s own planning guidelines, and not meeting BRE planning guidance
  3. Invasion of right to privacy – hotel rooms with views directly into bedrooms and living rooms, all less than 20m away
  4. Damage to the Elliott’s Row and West Square Conservation Area – The proposed 15 storey hotel is visible from street level along the whole of Elliott’s Row
  5. Adjacent pocket park adjoining the site, a key resource for children, will lose 15% space during construction and the wind modelling shows 20% areas tested will be unsuitable for sitting upon completion
  6. Dangerous impact on roads – no consideration of safety impact on roads, forcing traffic down narrow Hayles Street, Oswin Street and Brook Drive already plagued by dangerous pavement mounting 
  7. Continued to consult in English after agreeing to use Spanish and Arabic – excluding a large number of local residents from their engagement
  8. Contradiction to Southwark’s climate emergency – the developer has confirmed the building will not meet Southwark’s own planning guidance for sustainability

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