17th May 2022 Deadline – LAST CHANCE to comment on application before Southwark Planning decision

Stop St George’s Tower

We’re a grassroots community action group working to make sure the high rise hotel on 21 St George’s benefits local people. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

Illustrative view of 21 St George’s Road Development

Plans for high rise hotel tower released

In January 2021, plans for a 15 storey hotel on the corner of St George’s and Oswin Street were shared with local residents and a consultation started by the developers, “Create Real Estate”.

This very dense development will have a significant impact on the local area:

  • Loss of privacy, with hotel rooms overlooking homes with views into bedrooms, living rooms, and gardens on Owsin Street, Elliott’s Row, St George’s, Hayles Street, Gaywood Street, Princess Street, Prospect House, Perronet House and Garden Row
  • Significantly increased traffic and pollution on local streets, making parking even harder for car owners and streets more dangerous for cyclists and children
  • Block sunlight to properties on Gaywood Street, Princess Street, Prospect House, Perronet House and Garden Row
  • Damage the Elliott’s Row and West Square conservation areas, negatively impacting the unique heritage assets, design and character of these areas due to the bulk and height of the building
  • Increased noise pollution from traffic and building services services
  • Set a precedent for high rise buildings in low rise residential areas

But don’t worry! We are a grassroots campaign group working to make sure the development on 21 St George’s benefits local people. In the coming weeks and months we are looking to amplify local voices and influence the proposal to make sure any development makes a positive contribution to our neighbourhood.

We would love to hear from you – email stopstgeorgestower@gmail.com if you would like to know more, stay in touch, or get involved.

Latest news

Decision on high rise hotel expected on 29th March 2023

Southwark has announced that the high rise hotel will be considered at Southwark’s planning committee on the 29th March 2023. This will take a decision on the high rise hotel’s planning application.  We have won a number of concessions – a community space, obscuring lights, investment in the pocket park, window glazing to obscure views into neighbouring…

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Create Real Estate shared plans for a 15 storey hotel with c. 90 rooms, 700m office space, and commercial space. The development is called 21 St George’s Road.

The planned timeline is:

  • December 2020 – public consultation launched, meeting local stakeholders
  • February 2021 – details shared and follow up with local stakeholders
  • Early 2021 – Target planning application submission
  • Mid-Late 2021 – Planning determination
  • 2022 – Commencement of works
  • 2024 – Completion and operation

Very little other information has been shared about the development so far – information on the height and designs of the tower has not yet been shared.

The public consulation on their website is open, although you need to provide text feedback in the box.

Proposed tower hotel location